Sunday, December 18, 2011

A good start

Hi! I am Rachel, a mom (still feels weird to say that), and couponer. I wouldn't say I was extreme but I believe that I do better then some. I have been couponing for years but just here and there. Not anything special, just when someone would give me inserts I would keep them and check them out for deals. Nothing like the amount I do now. 

Now I check online for new coupons daily. I read a ton of great blogs and I make lists of things from different stores that are going to make me money, free, or a great deal on things I use everyday. I can safely say that having made less money this year I have spent far less in groceries then in the past 2 years. I NEVER go to the store without my coupons. 

So I am going to post a few great links and info about coupons and coupon lingo so that you can get the hang of it too. Enjoy.

Best match ups around (I will use her a lot in the blog)


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